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Kas eksiga saab sõber olla?

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Mis arvate kas endise kallimaga on võimalik sõpradeks jääda? Või mingil hetkel tulevad ikka vanad tunded tagasi ja lõpetatakse voodis? Kuidas peaks uus kallim eksi suhtuma?
Isiklikult pole ühegi eksiga konkreetselt sõber, aga usun, et see on täiesti võimalik, kui mõlemal on näiteks uus kallim ja mõlemad on eluga edasi läinud ning pole minevikus kinni.
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Ferra sa oled kange mutt nagu mõni mulk
Aga tõsiselt rääkides siis söön ka ise ADsi lisaks kõigele muule
Tänapäeval ei saagi aru mis toimub kõigil sada üks tervisehäda
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Tegelikult oli kindlasti varem ka neid hädasid, aga me pidasime lihtsalt nii normaalseks neid. Keegi ei rääkinud lihtsalt kõva häälega. Ega ma ise ka, kui ma lõpuks kätte võtsin ja psühhiatri juurde läksin, siis arst hoidis kahe käega peast kinni. Olin seal selline täitsa asjalik ja viskasin veel naljagi. Tuli välja, et varjatud depressioon, mida ma aastaid alla olen surunud ja sümptomeid ise üle elama õppinud. Iga kord, kui arstile löögile saan, siis kõik tahavad enne uksest välja saata, et ,,see´´ saab ju küll ise hakkama. Aga kui tõsiselt rääkida, siis mul on tunne, et mu garantii aeg sai 25-selt läbi Nagu kõik laguneb
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Mina ütlen et ei...kui muidugi lapsi vms sellist pole.

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I realize that's a task that is difficult

Some fans really need to test MyTeam, but the online aspect is a deterrent--at least for today. A offline variant might entice players to test MyTeam online. It could be the equal of a cell app.MyTeam's lite version is fantasy, so not the NBA 2K20 MT players all have to be real NBA guys from present or the past? If a Pink Diamond participant was released each month equipped with a backstory etc can you imagine? 2K's social media machine could have a ball conducting articles revealing and teasing the character every month.

Hardcore MyTeam players may relate to another and the segment, but it's well worth mentioning if you spend any time in the Auction House. While searching for a player or group, it would be good if you could filter out the results to exclude or include the gamers which you already own.If I am looking for the second Diamond Dwyane Wade, but I already have another in my collection, showing me equally only makes the scrolling process longer and more dull.

Can it be too much to ask to get a development bar that indicates how much longer until you reach the end of the listing, you have to scroll? A sorting option by rating, max bid, and much more would likewise make this process easier.MyTeam's popularity and 2K's sometimes faulty servers are not a fantastic mix. An influx of traffic because of locker code redemption, or another effort can cause crashes that result in missed opportunities to redeem more. Obviously, the principal fix here would be to strengthen the servers to limit or eliminate these instances.

I realize that's a task that is difficult. I do believe the service supplied could be a little better. I've had similar issues with MyTeam this year and haven't received much aid after submitting a ticket.Piggybacking on the previous issue with something more specific, I've noticed that you won't always get credit for finishing some of the Goals needed to unlock tokens and MyTeam performance. It is a drag when you're attempting to proceed to the route, although I am not positive whether that's a server issue or only a mode malfunction.

Contracts serve no purpose outside filling packs with less-than-thrilling contents and are annoying. I would rather them last an entire season if contracts are crucial. Perhaps a comprehensive effort could be made up by 20 or 30 games. At the conclusion of the seasons, you have to choose which players you would like to lock up for another year. The ones you do not sign aren't useable for the next 20-30 games but stay part of your collection.